Review System

This page explains how my reviews are structured. The terms in my reviews with their explanations is in grey.

Title : The novel/novella in-question for the review.
Author: The writer of the novel/novella put up for review.
Publishing Year: The earliest publication date of the novel in its original language.
Original Language: This is only applicable if the novel is not written originally in English.
Source: How the book was obtained; given as a gift, loaned from the library or bought from the bookstore.

Synopsis: A brief, no spoiler summary of the novel’s plot.

Overview (with rating included): A short non-spoilery review of the novel with an enjoyablity rating. This is for those who don’t wish to read a 1000 word, spoilery in-depth review.

In-Depth: A more critical, detailed and longer review with quotes from the novel. This section will most likely contain spoilers.

Conclusion: Final thoughts and my recommendation along with a quote from the novel to tie it all up. 

Rating Scale

5 – Love it!
4 – Like it.
3 – It’s alright…
2 – I don’t like it.
1 – Never again!


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