About the Blog:

Welcome to Proses’ Roses!
My name is Rosie. Obviously I love reading. There’s not a lot of people who read in my life that I can discuss books with so I find the internet a great way to express my opinions and facilitate discussion with other book lovers.

Proses’ Roses will document and help me share my literary journey which I hope will interest other people.
A wide array of books will be reviewed. A special emphasis will be on Classics and secondly on Adult Fiction. Sometimes Young Adult books will also appear and perhaps visual books such as Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga.

 Proses’ Roses invites (and hopes to inspire) its readers to discover great books and more reading!

About Me (Rosie):

 I’m of Vietnamese ethnicity and 21 years old. I was born, grew up and currently live in the beautiful province of British Columbia in Canada. My interests include reading, anime/manga, various TV shows, cosmetics, art history and traveling.

I’ve been lucky to have my travels funded by a generous parent to France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and Vietnam.


3 Comments to “About”

  1. Hi, Rosie!

    I love the setup of this blog! What a great job!!

    Aahhhhh………………….. The Classics! What a fantastic way to read them! I will definitely be back here often!

    Choose Joy!

  2. Forgot to click “Follow” on my last comment!


  3. Hi, Rosie –

    Thank you for following my Blog! It is great to be able to support each other!

    Happy Blogging!


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